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First Anniversary Fundraiser Event 2018

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Sunday,  February 18, 2018,  1-5 pm,  at

Clackamas County Public Safety Training Center indoor pistol range.

PSTC    12700 SE 82nd Ave.    Clackamas, OR 97015

Google Map link to event location:

Range is open to public 10 am-8 pm.

You are welcome to pistol shoot before or after the event.

Range information:

Meet~N~Greet!  Silent Auctions!  Guest Speakers!  Prizes!  2018 Events!

Admission: $10 per person donation at the door.  Cash, Credit or Debit card accepted.

This event is Open to the public!  All are welcome!

 Funds raised will support:

Education and awareness programs focused on responsible shooting,

Our NEW free information class “Target Shooting On Public Land”,

Shooting site improvements in a Forest Near You,

Sign repair & maintenance at dispersed shooting sites on public land,

Publications, videos and cleanup events.

Trash No Land is a 501(c)3 stewardship organization dedicated to promoting safe, lawful and responsible recreational shooting on public lands.

Need more information?  email:

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ABOUT THE VENUE… The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Public Safety Training Center has meeting facilities and an indoor pistol range. This is a perfect venue for our organization and we plan to have a great time.


Please be aware of their house rules! If you are planning to shoot before or after our event, here’s a few things you should know… (visit their website for more details).

The Blue Range

• 10 lanes of 25 yards. This is the range primarily used by public shooters. The targets are manually operated. Additionally, there is a laterally moving target that can be used for moving-target drills.

• They do offer memberships; however, you may also shoot on a drop-in basis.

• You will be required to take a safety tutorial and test, and sign a liability statement. There is no charge for this.

• You must have a working firearm in your possession.

• For non-members, the lane fee is $18.00 per person.

• You must purchase and shoot our ammunition. All ammunition must be purchased from the PSTC Armory. When available, “clean fire” ammunition will be used. It virtually eliminates lead vapors generated at the firing point by combining a total metal jacket and a priming mixture containing no toxic elements.

• You may bring your own targets or purchase ours for $1.00 each.

• All personal targets are subject to approval by the range staff.

• The range is open to handguns, rimfire rifles and handgun-caliber rifles. • Ammunition availability will determine if you may or may not shoot unusual calibers.

• All firearms are subject to approval by the range staff. Ejected shells are very hot and will burn and/or blister. Also, the range is very loud. For your safety, they require the following:

• Ear-muff-style hearing protection (provided)

• Wrap-around eye protection (provided) or side shields (not provided)

• Closed-toed shoes (socks may be substituted)

• Shirts and pants They recommend the following:  Baseball caps • Long-sleeve protection • Long pants and high-neck shirts • Ear-plugs as backup to ear-muffs.


• 18 years old with proof. • 12 years old if accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian (liability waiver required)

Rental pricing:

• $10 members • $12 non-members • $6 revolver • Over 65 guns for rent (visit their website for a list).  You must have a working firearm with you to rent one.

They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, checks, and cash.

No open carry at the event or into the building. Firearms must be unloaded and cased. You may take your handguns to the counter for safe keeping while you are at the event.


Thank you, All. We are looking forward to meeting you and having a great afternoon!

Bill, Bryan & Aaron Trash No Land

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We are raising funds to improve recreational shooting on public land!

Every week we see postings about more trashed shooting sites.  It's a very real situation and needs to be corrected.  We now have an organization to help change that, preserve recreational shooting and combat the stigma of people with guns in the woods.

I joined you in this effort in the Spring of 2014 and I believe we've done a lot of good in raising awareness about our concerns, the rules, ethics, shooting etiquette and stewardship. In Jan 2017, I felt it best to have a non-profit organization in place to help us in our collaborative efforts.  It's because a lot of you have a desire to see it change for the better and I'm willing to donate my time to help.  I feel we have made a difference but gun sales are up, ranges are full and more new shooters on public lands.

We need to step up our efforts (again).  More education and awareness.  More boots on the ground. More cooperative efforts.  More 'Random Acts of Cleanups'.  And more dollars to get it done.

With your help, we are going to make more of a difference!

Stay tuned for more details about the event, coming soon! Hope you can make it Feb 18th!


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Walk away from this event with one of these... A Hatpoint Target stand!

Hatpoint Target1

We'll have two stands available to win. Made in the USA, the Hat Point Target Stand “multi-width target stands” will make your target shooting experience organized, simpler and happier.

This target stand allows you to effectively display your targets just about anywhere. You can change the width configuration of your target stand to hold quite a few different targets and scenarios. Rifle shooters, hand gunners, hunters, Law Enforcement and gun ranges find this stand to be a useful tool for setup, training, practice, and storage.

Hatpoint Target2

Use of this target stand promotes responsible recreational shooting on public lands.

Find the Hatpoint Target stand at .

Available at: , and

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We welcome Leupold Optics as a team player in the cause to improve recreational shooting on public lands.


Their dedication to producing the highest quality products is reflected in their relentless performance to supporting the shooting sports. We value their commitment to sportsmanship and stewardship.

So, bid generously on this BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binos in shadow gray and make their contribution go a long way towards helping recreational shooting!


This silent auction item has a retail value of over $700! Thank you Leupold!!!…/hd-binocu…/bx-4-pro-guide-hd-10x42

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More great reasons to attend, coming soon!!!

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