I figure this post will be the onset, or better put, explanation of my time on the “Bryan’s Blog” contribution for TNL.

I want to post weekly and I am hoping I will be able to do so without getting too behind.

This blog is to compliment TNL, and it should mainly reflect the priorities of TNL and it’s mission statement. There may be a handful of other posts here and there in relations to other things. Mostly firearms, shooting, hiking, hunting, and other recreational uses of public lands.

I am going to do my darnest to stay away from politics. I really don’t want to discuss politics.

I am pretty actively involved in the hobby and uses of firearms. I enjoy them and the many different aspects of the hobby and recreational uses of firearms. Even as I type this I am waiting for stain to cure on a set of hand guards for an M85 Pap so I can add another coat. So there will be lots of posts in that nature. Even if it is simply something I did that week that is firearm related, I’ll likely make that my post for the week. Take this as a heads up for those weeks in the winter months were I am stuck inside and too much of a baby to take on the cold to go out and do something in the woods.

As Bill and I progress with TNL from it’s infancy to adulthood, I imagine my posts may get more and more TNL related. As in stuff we are accomplishing, events, and of that nature. So look out for those posts. They should be a key to what is going on inside TNL.

I look forward to this journey and hope it grows into something rather large.