Hi all,

Been a crazy week. I drive delivery for a living and lets say the roads were full with more traffic this week than normal. Probably due to 84 being closed nearly all week, in combination with some land slides on local streets. Anyways, I made it.

I have been keeping an eye on shot show all week. Sadly, minus 1 or 2 new items, namely the Hudson H9 and a unique grip by TriTech tactical that holds a Glock magazine in the well of a AR15 pistol grip, which is perfect for those 9mm Glock AR15 builds. Pretty much all of the remaining items all over the show were “look at this AR15 I decked out”, or this new “Glock slide serration”… Pretty much the same as last year. Oh, and I forgot, Kel Tec came out with another desirable model, the Survivor RDB, also better known as “Vaporware”! The last notable entry, and my favorite, is by Mossberg. They are joining the others like Sig and Shockwave as well as a few others that push the envelope with the ATF, which I highly enjoy! They are going to start selling an ATF compliant 14″ barreled shorty shotgun. Thats right, not 18.5″, 14″ barrel. I want one!!!


I myself have been focused on a M85NP build. Started as this:

Working towards a new gun all together… Not really, but I like to believe it is. Mostly just a sanding, refinishing, and some bolt ons…

Got to love how the grain shows with a little love.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this little blaster. I’m not done yet.

In other unrelated news. LOL, not really, mostly pretty cool stuff. Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in today! I am not going to lie, I am secretly crossing my fingers as hard as I can that the HPA gets passed under his watch! And, with that, I am all done talking about politics for the month, until the HPA gets passed…

Bill and I are heading out today to meet with a consultant. Should be good, going to get a lot of the legal aspects of TNL situated. Hoping to get some good things done once we are all set up and moving forward. Especially as I am continuing to work with the Forest Grove ODF office on the Tillamook State Forest Wolf Creek Shooting Sites. Hoping to take what we have accomplished there and use the knowledge and mold we cast to create more sites like them throughout OR and WA.

Anyways thats all for today and this week.