TNL followers,

I know there are not a whole lot of you following our movement now. I believe this will change soon, in time.

We have had a successful meeting, yes, TNL’s first board meeting is on the books. That is a start. In combination with getting our filing underway, we are on our way to becoming incorporated as a Non-Profit.


Today, however, I would like to talk about the lanes developed at  North Fork Wolf Creek.

Being that I was involved with planning and development of the 4 lanes, I figured I would highlight the GOOD things that come from putting yourself out there. Something that Trash No Land plans on doing a lot of, and we ask that our followers do as well.

It all started with a day out on Louisgnot Road, a day out with a friend, recreationally shooting. Jason Rautenkranz, a former ODF Forest Grove employee, pulled up to see what my friend I are were up to. He had been tasked with educating and enforcement of Tillamook Forest Recreational Shooting laws. Him and I talked for a really long time that afternoon. I took Jason’s card and promised I would touch bases with him later.

A month or so passed and I found Jason’s card. I called.

Next thing I knew I was going on ride alongs with Jason in and around Tillamook State Forest. We were collecting information on shooting locations and coming up with plans to perform some sort of shooting lane development within Tillamook State Forest. The forest Grove department led by Recreational Manager Randy Peterson, saw the need for something, anything, after having a fairly significant fire cause unforeseen costs to the department. A fire, unfortunately, caused by uneducated recreational shooters.

Many ride alongs took place. Followed by many meetings with other like minded people that wanted to contribute to the cause. Shortly there after, we had a mock up of our blueprint for what design elements were to be implemented into a recreational shooting lane.

After that was said and done, there was a little radio silence.

Then it was approve!!! I was honestly, super surprised, but insanely happy!

Just so you get an idea of the work that went into these spots. Here is a picture of Lane 3 prior to development.

And after:

A cool visual from Google, before:

After (lane 3 and 4):

Some progress pictures:

Some completion pictures:

Moving forward, I am continuing to work with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Randy Peterson. We have stayed in contact and are looking to continue our partnership (which strengthened due to incorporating Trash No Land as a non-profit). With some more work we look to continue developing more sites like these.