Feb 25, 2017, 9 AM

Tillamook State Forest at North Fork Wolf Creek Rd. developed shooting lanes

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/WUhTAwgzHrt

36 miles West of Beaverton, Oregon off Hwy 26.

Co-sponsored with Oregon Deptartment of Forestry, Tillamook State Forest

Cleanup 2-25-27

BYOL and BYOGH! (Bring Your Own Lunch and Bring Your Own Good Heart!) We’ll provide the trash bags and disposal. Plan on a bit of target shooting fun when we’re done!

Starts at 9 AM. Bring gloves, jeans, outdoor boots and dress for the weather.

No special awards or prizes. A bare bones cleanup. Our reward is the self sense of doing good for our privelage to shoot on public land. Gun owners unite! We’re going to make a difference!

This cleanup is inspired by the devoted members of NorthwestFirearms.com. They are dedicated to “Supporting gun owners of the Pacific Northwest”!

Be sure to sign up at our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/255419358217608/

And read more on our Blog: http://trashnoland.blogspot.com/

See you then!

—————Follow Up—————

We had a great time with 13 dedicated volunteers who joined us from Northwest Firearms!

These improved lanes have performed just as we planned… Easy cleanup! All the trash was within the shooting lanes! No trash outside of the lanes! That’s what we hoped would happen.

Last summer, after the lanes were formed, volunteers, from Northwest Firearms and Trash No Land, have been keeping a close eye on the condition of the lanes. Most reports were positive and very little trash throughout the summer. Now that winter is over, we find some, but not bad.

With a crew of 13, we cleaned up all 4 lanes in about 2+ hours, thanks to the design of easy cleanup. We didn’t have to climb the hill and forge the rough brush to clean up trash. It was great! Muddy, but great!

Thanks to all who helped! We did great, had a perfect day and we did some good along the way!!!

Direction Sign

Early Risers

Lane 2 Trash

Lane 3 Trash 1

Lane 3 Trash 2

Lane 3 Volunteers 1

Lane 4 Volunteers 1

Lane 4 Volunteers 2

Lane 3 Cleaned 1

Lane Cleanup Dumpsters

Boot On The Ground

Together, We’re going to make a difference!