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Some new additions include:

An interactive target shooting map with popular shooting sites on public lands around Oregon and Washington.  You cannot find a public lands shooting site map like this!  From the ‘Home’ page, click on the shooter icon in the map to see information and photos about the site.  More locations, photos and info to be added as we learn about them.  I encourage you to send me a map link of commonly known shooting places near you (not to be your secret spot, but more like the well known popular places where more stewardship is needed).  Especially send me the bad and illegal places to shoot!  This is how we can educate people as to how to select a place to shoot.  If we encourage people to go see the map, they’ll browse around the site and learn a few thing!  If we point out the bad spots, where they are already shooting but should not because of public or fire safety hazards, then they will start to learn what looks good and what looks bad or illegal.  So help us build a really cool and useful map!  Thank you!

A new credit card processing service!  No more PayPal!  This service NOT any of the common ‘Social Media’ services.  It is a solid Merchant Services credit card processing that many businesses use, across the US (yes, even gun stores use this same service).

A new Blog!  We are now hosting our ‘Blog’ on our own website (previously hosted on BlogSpot .com).

A new Events Calendar!  This feature make our events stand out and easy to share.  Events to be added soon.

Multiple Fundraisers pages!  We have several projects in the forest that need your support.  Drop down the ‘Support’ tab and expand the ‘Fundraisers’ tab to view the projects.

The site is full of important information that shooters need to know when shooting on public lands (especially the ‘Shooting Regs’ page!).  Enjoy!

Bill Cogley
Trash No Land


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