Please let me to communicate to you about Trash No Land – a Non-profit volunteer organization that I support by financial contributions and direct involvement in its group activities.

I’m proud to have known its founder, Bill Cogley for a number of years, and know him to be a selfless and dedicated person; devoted to ethical and safe recreational target shooting on public land. His efforts continue to involve increasing numbers of people of all ages and backgrounds in large scale clean-ups, target range construction and maintenance, and educational outreach.

His focused work, combined with the commitment of other outstanding folks, has produced a unique partnership between private individuals, Corporate sponsors, Local, State, and Federal agencies – all combining to help make our public lands a better place for all recreational users. Together we truly put “boots on the ground”.

Won’t you please consider donating to this most worthy cause?

Thank you,

D. G.


Our interactions with Trash No Land has been overwhelmingly positive.

As a company we have engaged with your organization several times. We have provided donations for fundraisers and prizes, as well as, having store staff attend cleanups and workdays as volunteers. We are excited to be working with Trash No Land because we believe in the work that you do.

We appreciate the work done at Wolf Creek, and many of our associates and customers speak very highly of the organization, safety, and function of this site.

Cleaning, maintaining and improving natural areas to develop access and availability for recreational shooting is important and dovetails beautifully with our focus as an outfitter. Your effort to provide access to safe, organized areas is appreciated. We also appreciate your focus on working with local and state agencies to advance these goals.

We look forward to working with you in the future.


Justin Parrott
Sportsman’s Warehouse
North Pacific District Manager


I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the positive work you and the other board members of Trash No Land are doing. One only needs to see the before/after photos of North Fork Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes to realize your positive influence and impact. I have been volunteering at site cleanups and improvement in Oregon for the last few years. Unfortunately my schedule does not allow me to get to the Washington events.

Regardless of what the weather throws at us, I always walk away with a warm heart seeing the improvements made.

Trash No Land’s community outreach to emphasize responsible target shooting on public land has been a great success. Again, all one has to do is look at the condition of the sites frequented by target shooters compared to just a few years ago.

The organizations involvement with the Oregon State Department of Forestry has lead to much needed improvements of shooting sites making them safer and more user friendly. I am excited about the potential new shooting lanes in the Tillamook forest that are currently being discussed.

Please express my thanks and gratitude to your board and keep up the good work. I know its a struggle, but one that is so worth the effort.

Best Regards,

T. S.


Recreational target shooting is a long standing activity on the Tillamook State Forest. Trash No Land, the Oregon Department of Forestry and our other recreational target shooting partners are collaborating on a strategy to better accommodate recreational target shooting on the forest in a way that reduces fire risk, addresses safety and environmental issues, and develops local public support and ownership in the strategy and the development and maintenance of safe and sustainable recreational target shooing lanes on the forest.


Oregon Department of Forestry
Forest Grove office


I have been working alongside Trash No Land for the past two years in support of cleaning up both legal and illegal shooting areas. Shooting lane improvements on public land is one of the most successful accomplishments; the establishment of safe, easy to access, and a successful public/private collaboration that established the four lanes for shooting in the Tillamook Forest. Continued improvements on these lanes will help go a long way in bringing more support for recreational shooting on our public lands.

Any support you can give to Trash No Land would be greatly appreciated not only by the organization but all gun owners who use public lands for target shooting.


Richard H.

Trash No Land has been an important and effective partner of the Mt. Hood National Forest since its inception. The target shooting site clean-up events at the 36 Pit, Wildcat and other locations have always drawn a good number of volunteers and they’ve done excellent work. The organization’s coordination with Clackamas County Dumpstoppers has also been commendable. Dumpstoppers has provided manpower and a truck to haul away the accumulated trash that Trash No Land volunteers have gathered. They have appreciated how well organized the clean-up events have been, which enable their resources to be used efficiently.

At the clean-up events I have attended, I was heatened by the turn out, which included youngsters, men, as well as women, and a people from many backgrounds. They all were target shooting enthusiasts who respect the land and wanted to support safe and responsible gun ownership and behavior.

I hope that you are able to obtain the support you need to continue your good work on Federal, State and County lands in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to working with you in 2018.

Kindest Regards,

USFS Mt. Hood Nat. Forest


I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you, the members of Trash No Land and volunteers have invested to clean up debris left on the Mt. Hood National Forest by dumpers and target shooters and to help educate shooters on safety issues and proper shooting protocols on public land.

Your work can really make a difference.


J. C.


On behalf of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Pacific Cascade Recreation Program, I would like to thank Trash No Lands for their support of our annual Pick Up the Burn event in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. Being ready to lead task groups and coming prepared with supplies is always a huge help in large events. The program advocates for such strong outlooks on public land use that benefits all types of user groups.

We look forward to expanding future partnerships and participation in other volunteer events.

Take care,

Dominic Martinez
Recreation Technician Pacific Cascade Region
Washington State DNR Recreation