Finally! Four years later!

I received the newsletter from ODF today and it officially announces the opening of the North Block of the Santiam State Forest. It opens June 21st!

So we can now use the ‘New’-old gravel pit that was improved for a 100 yard range back in 2020.

Here’s the link to the official announcement… (NOTE: I am  SURPRISED that ODF mentioned Trash No Land, in that article, much less the target shooting lane! Very pleased, yet kinda surprised.

Here’s a snippet from the announcement: “The 100-yard shooting range was a joint project with Trash No-Land,” said Offer. The non-profit dedicated to responsible target shoot works to improve safety and reduce fire risks at dispersed ranges across the state. Funding for the improvements came from the NRA’s Public Range Fund. The range is located on Butte Creek 615 Road just off the Butte Creek Mainline Road. A new gravel backdrop, concrete barriers at approximately 100-yards, parking and new informational signs were all part of the improvements at the former gravel pit.

Full Story:
Butte Creek Falls state forests recreation area to reopen after the 2020 wildfires

I heard the pit was to open soon, and I thought it was supposed to be 2 weekends ago, so I went out to see the condition. I made it straight there, made this video, and on the way out, I stopped to talk with one of the loggers. He said no, it’s still closed for 2 more weeks! OPPS! I wasn’t supposed to be there!

Oh well, what’s done is done! And I got to christen the lane!

No sneaking in before Friday! The gates will still be locked before then!