Target Shooters Code of Conduct


A growing problem is damaging our forests and the target shooters reputation. Trees and vegetation are being destroyed and trash is dumped and left behind. Much of it is being blamed on target shooters.



We have an ethical responsibility to change the image of recreational shooting. We start with a solid foundation of ethics in our conduct. We portray the value of our natural resources in how we treat our public land. And we share this responsibility with our friends, family and fellow shooters.


TNL’s Code of Conduct

  • Firearms safety rules are our Top Priority.
  • Situational awareness is a habit.
  • Keep firearms cased when not on the firing line.
  • We don’t target trees or natural resources.
  • We use large earthen berm backstops.
  • We never use alcohol or drugs while shooting.
  • We remove our trash plus a little more.
  • We teach others by being the example.
  • We support recreation of all kinds.
  • We have pride and respect for our public land.