March 18, 2017, 9 AM – 12 Noon

36 Pit Cleanup, Mt Hood National Forest, Hwy 224 at the 36 Pit.

Cleanup Cover

Sponsored by; Trash No Land, USFS Mt Hood National Forest, Clackamas County Dump Stoppers and Northwest Firearms.

Google Maps: 11 miles East of Estacada on Hwy 224

GPS: 45.196422, -122.180072

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch), outdoor clothes, boots & gloves.

BYVS! (Bring Your Volunteer Spirit!)

Google 36 Pit

This is a small area and won’t take long to cleanup. It sees a lot of use and gets messy often. It’s a place we need to keep in good condition.

Bring some toys for some fun & safe recreational shooting after the cleanup!

If you value the privilege of free recreation in Mt. Hood National Forest, join Trash No Land, Northwest Firearms, USFS and Clackamas County Dump Stoppers as we take a stand against trash on public land.

Together, we’re going to make a difference!

————————Follow Up——————–


Not one shot was fired today as target shooters converged on the 36 Pit in Mt Hood National Forest. They were too wet and too cold after spending 3 hours of cleaning up the pit. Their only thought was to get somewhere warm and dry out!

Close to 20 volunteers showed their appreciation today for the privilege of target shooting on public land. They came, in the face of the cold and wet weather, with good spirits and a willingness to do some good for the forest and for recreational target shooting. And that they did!

Lots of smiles and good feelings when they left. New friends and acquaintances were made. Law enforcement and forest officials were impressed.

Well done mates! Well done!

Here are some before, during and after photos:

36 Pit 1

36 Pit 2

36 Pit 3

36 Pit 4

36 Pit 5

36 Pit 6

36 Pit 7

36 Pit 8

36 Pit 9

36 Pit 10

36 Pit 11

36 Pit 12

36 Pit 13

36 Pit 14

36 Pit 15

36 Pit 16

36 Pit 17

36 Pit 18

36 Pit 19

36 Pit 20

Thank you to all who participated and all who helped with promotions and logistics!  Special thanks to Clackamas County Dump Stoppers, USFS and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department!

Drone Video by Rick Howell Pit 36 Cleanup

Together, we made a difference!