Six Target Shooting Stewards take charge of their favorite place! Another shooter pays the dump fee!!!
On Saturday, July 18th, at a gravel pit Northwest of Darrington, WA, six dedicated target shooters joined forces in cleaning up their favorite place to shoot.

Long time shooting enthusiast, Pat from Arlington, WA, put out a call for help in cleaning up the pit and enjoy some shooting fun when done. Five others joined in and got it done. One gentleman brought his young son and another drove from Sedro-Wooley. They spent about two hours picking up the trash.

“We were working on the lower pit and there was two guys shooting steel up in the upper pit”, Pat said. “One of our guys went up there and asked them if they could either move their steel targets to the right or hold off shooting at them for a little bit. When they asked why, he told them we were doing a pit clean up and we were at the back of the pit and there was a chance of the bullets deflecting down where we were picking up trash. He offered to haul the trash away when they were done shooting. There had to of been a dozen big bags of trash and a bunch of metal. It filled his truck up and he had to strap it down. He was offered cash for the dump fee and declined.”

Well done Pat and crew! Thank you for your stewardship!

#StewardshipKeepsItOpen! #CleanUpToShoot! #TrashNoLand!