It was a ‘no-brainer’ for Don Leber, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Bi-Mart Membership Discount Stores, as he quickly, and positively, said “Yes!  We’ll help spread the word”.  A couple short days later, 10,000 of Trash No Land’s brochure, Target Shooting On Public Land, are on their way to Bi-Mart stores throughout the Northwest!



Bi-Mart is an employee owned chain of retailers with 79 stores throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  They have been your ‘Go-To’ store since opening in 1955.  There is always something you need at Bi-Mart!

The brochure contains important information about responsible target shooting on public lands.  It offers a common-sense set of rules that are found in most all State and National Forests throughout the Northwest and beyond.  It stresses the importance of public safety, fire prevention, stewardship and ethics.  It also offers tips for improving and enhancing your recreational shooting experience.

“These brochures fly off the shelves”, Bill Cogley CEO/President of Trash No Land, “and it’s hard to keep the hopper full.  I suspect we will need to resupply the Bi-Mart stores soon because the subject is of popular interest.  Public land target practice is a viable and sustainable activity that has been rapidly growing in the last decade.  At the same time, information about the subject is not so readily available.  The Trash No Land organization fills that information void by providing a one-stop information center for everything you need to know about recreational target shooting on public lands.  With the help of public funding, we will continue to make a positive difference in the great outdoors.”

Brochures will be on the shelves of most Bi-Mart stores beginning the week of March 15th, 2021.  Look them over and share the information with fellow shooters.  It’s how we can all make a positive difference on our great public lands!

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  1. Bill Cogley, CEO/President Trash No Land

    Update on quantity delivered to Bi-Mart…

    An additional 6,600 brochures were delivered to the corporate office. This allows all 83 Bi-Mart Membership Discount Stores will receive 200 brochures each!

    We hope this flyer, of responsible target shooting on public lands, gets into the hands of those who need to hear our message!


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