As a regular visitor to the Capitol Forest in Washington State, Jim from Grays Harbor County routinely sports his stewardship at his favorite place to shoot.  In recent months, Jim has seen trash begin to accumulate and got to be a bit more that he can handle by himself. So, he gave a shout out for some help on the website forum  He wasn’t disappointed!

On Saturday, July 25, 2020, seven shooting enthusiasts, joined Jim and enjoyed a day of doing good and a fun group shoot afterwards.

“It was a good day to get out and pick up others peoples c***”, Jim said.  “Was good to meet a new member here and some that I’ve had the privilege to meet a while ago.  Thanks for all of your help, it is much appreciated. Last year there were 3 that joined in on the fun and we took 4 bags of shot shells and lots of steel from shot up appliances.  This year there were 7 of us and very few if any shot shells!!! But still a lot of trash and steel cases. Everyone worked hard and we got it done around 1 pm.  Then there was time for shooting!!!”

That’s what it’s all about.  Clean up everytime you go shooting.  It’s written in the law that clean up is required.  By this action, from Jim and the others who helped, we see it is also written in their stewardship hearts!

Thank you all!