The build is coming along slowly but surely.  Here’s the updated details…

Restroom theme is to be ‘Outdoor Country’ decor (colors, trim, photos and style).

The bathroom floor is in, sink ‘counter frame’ is in, the V-Nose walls are on, but not finished yet, and the flush mounted adjustable Vanity lights are installed (in the V-Nose walls).  The water pump and faucet (bronze waterfall style), have arrived.  Other parts are on order.

Of course, the back cargo space and electrical work is mostly done with adequate room for all the needs of an average cleanup event.  I expect a little tweaking here and there as time goes on.

Yet to come…

The fresh water tank is ordered and will be here beginning of June.  The RV water pump has arrived and awaiting installation.  Holding tanks, toilet and sink are yet to be ordered, but will be doing so soon.  I haven’t decided on color and type of counter top yet.  Walls are to be painted and decorated with nice trim and photos of public land with wildlife.  A mirror will be installed in the center flat part of the V-Nose and the vanity lights will have dimmer control (they are really bright!).  The exhaust fan is in and ready to be installed.  Pocket Door is in and will be cut down to size and installed when that wall is done.  The trailer signage will be done by mid June!

The budget…

We were granted a generous gift of $10,000, by a private foundation in SW Washington, for the purchase and build of a cargo trailer for Trash No Land events.  To date, we have used the entire 10k and have another $1000 to $1500 to go!  If you can help with achieving that goal, it will be greatly appreciated by all the ladies and children who use this unique feature (and some of the men too!).  Please donate to the General Fund and add a note designated for the trailer build.

If it weren’t for all the spring events on schedule, we would be a lot further along.  But, as I’m one who believes in “If you want it done right, do it yourself”, it will get there!  This is going to be a NICE restroom… deep in the woods!

Yours truely,

Bill Cogley