There are good and bad places to shoot. Choose wisely. It is YOUR responsibility to assure NO ROUNDS LEAVE THE RANGE!

When you see trash at a place where people shoot targets, whether it’s a legal place or not, please help clean it up.

If it’s an illegal place, then hopefully people won’t think of shooting there if they don’t see any evidence.  Alert the forest management agency of the hazards of that location.

If it’s a legal place, then you’re helping to save it for future use by your children and grandchildren.

Either way, your helping restore the good name of Sportsmanship and responsible gun owners.

Trash breeds trash. It’s unsightly and is not natural to the forest (“If it didn’t grow there, it shouldn’t be there!”). It makes gun owners look bad to everyone who visits the forest. It causes complaints to forest officials about shooters. It damages the environment of the area. It causes shooting spots to get closed. I don’t like any of that. That’s why I started the Trash No Land organization.

Note: With so much trash on our public lands, we need your help to save and protect our great outdoors. Do Random Acts of Cleanups when ever you visit! Additionally, join a group volunteer event to help!

A clean forest is a happy forest.

Here’s a couple sites on the Fremont-Winema National Forest in Klamath County, above Klamath Lake.  I’d like to do a cleanup in that area (and USFS would love to have us come do it).


Bill Cogley
Trash No Land