Public Safety Project, Tillamook State Forest Wolf Creek Rd

This project is now scheduled for Phase I Planting on April 18th, 2021.  See the Events Calendar for details!

OR:  Tillamook State Forest at North Fork Wolf Creek shooting lanes.  Day use/picnic area at corner of lane 3.


to block public access beyond the picnic area by minor grading of small slope and planting native trees and shrubs in flat area and on slope.  The current space is encouraging people to shoot in unsafe directions with inadequate, or, no backstop.

Project is slated for As Soon As Possible, Spring/Early Summer 2021 (depending on donations raised).  Project to be all volunteer and needs public fundraiser (no grants solicited due grant application time restraints).

Project cost to be determined soon and fundraising goals will be set.

Volunteers are needed to help:

  • Provide equipment and operator of Excavator or Bobcat

  • Pick up and delivery of trees & shrubs

  • Planting

To volunteer for this project, send email to:

This project is being planned and organized by the Wolf Creek/McGregor Basin Stewardship Committee on Trash No Land’s web forum ‘Public Land Target Shooters‘, directed by Steve Williams.

Currently accepting donations.

Or you may mail a donation check to:

Trash No Land

755 K. St. #8

Washougal, WA.  98671

Project Goal and Progress



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