Here’s to the volunteers that came out on the hottest day of 2022, to give of their time for the benefit of others who recreate in the Tahuya State Forest!  CHEERS for a job well done!

The crew of 29 (+/-1), filled up the DNR dumpster with 4 (4×8) utility trailer loads plus one pickup load of trash.  Their mission was to clean up the target shooting site at the Stimson Creek Shooting area.  And they did it in just 3 hours!

Their day started with a safety briefing, and shooting information meeting, at 9 AM.

The meeting concluded with a surprise ‘Recognition of Appreciation’ to three of the volunteers who are true Stewards of Public Lands.  We want to say “Thank you”, to Shane Muhleman, Jim Harper and Herb Gerhardt for their years and countless hours of volunteer service to our communities and public lands!

  From there, they set out to take on the challenge of the Stimson shooting area.

It was time for a well deserved lunch!

Everyone enjoyed a free raffle!  Prizes for all!

More shots of volunteers sporting our new Tee Shirts, “Target Shooting on Public Lands”!

Herb Gerhardt was quite pleased with today’s accomplishment!

Thank you to our Host, WA Dept of Natural Resources!  And to the local businesses that contributed to the free prize raffle, THANK YOU!

Target Shooting in the Tahuya State Forest is a ‘Hit~N~Miss’ situation (yes, pun intended!).  It’s a ‘Hit’, because it is still allowed and it could continue if users demonstrate ongoing stewardship and public safety standards.  It’s a  ‘Miss’ because there is not much available to the target shooter and conflicts with neighbors and other visitors often happen.

We need more responsible target shooters to frequent the Tahuya SF and teach by example.  Those who are new to target shooting need to know there are rules and if we abuse it, we loose it!