The volume of trashed shooting sites, on our public lands nearest to the major metropolitan areas, is a big problem.  Illegal dumping, shooting of trash, unsafe conditions, leaving behind spent targets and casings and a general lack of awareness of rules, is ruining our privilege to shoot on public land.  It reflects badly on all who shoot, whether hunting or simply for target practice.  Left unchecked, our privilege to shoot may soon become a thing of the past.

This would be a sad ending to the generations past, present and future who cherish the freedom to recreate as we wish.  The enjoyment of teaching the young ones, sighting in the hunting rifle, getting to know and use your new or old gun, or just a fun day impressing your friends, could be gone if we don’t get involved with correcting the problem now!

Trash No Land is facing this challenge head on.  We are on high alert to this problem and are aggressively involved in providing solutions.  We realize it will take a multitude of efforts to make a difference and we are willing to step up to the plate and knock down a home run or two for recreational shooting.  Are you?

We are currently developing several education and awareness programs that are designed to improve and preserve recreational shooting.  To implement these programs, we have immediate cash needs for the production of printed publications, in-class training materials, video training productions and public land shooting lane developments.

Would you like to see improvements in recreational shooting?  The only thing holding us back is cash money.

With your help of a financial donation, we could reach thousands with our message of responsible shooting on public lands.  If you can help, please consider a contribution to our efforts.  Your donation is tax deducible.

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To learn more about Trash No Land or to become a member, visit our website at .

 Thank you!

Bill Cogley