Member Drawing Results​ 3-31-2020

The winner of the Protector Level Membership goes to Charles S. of SW Portland. Congrats! He will receive the Glock Survival Knife and a HatPoint Target Stand.

There were no winners in the Ambassador or Knight Levels because we do not have members at those levels yet. We offer the annual drawing to members of the Ambassador, Protector and Knight levels.

This is the first year we’ve done annual member drawings and is also the first year we’ve offered supporting membership. We were not very aggressive last year about seeking new members but plan to do more this year. (most members are the free Watchman level, several at Soldier level and a few at the Journeyman level). When the world gets back to normal we’ll do a membership drive.

I hope all is well with you and your families. Hunker down and be safe till this blows over!

Bill Cogley