I will let the photos tell the story, (and a good story it is), but first, here’s a couple thoughts I’d like to inject…

For one;  there were close to, or over, 100 volunteers in attendance whom represented all forms of recreation groups.  Yet only 6 of us went to clean up the large Arrowhead target shooting pit (and only 3 of us were shooters).  That is not a very good representation from the shooting community!  Especially when it’s an ‘All Recreation Group Event’.

Another thought is the year round ‘look’ that is on target shooters.  And it never eases up.  As you drive through a forest, any old forest, the places you see trashed are primarily target shooting sites.  While there is a lot of illegal dumping happening in many forests lately, most of the trash you will see is located at a shooting site and has our ‘bullet hole’ signature on it.  This really gives gun owners another ‘bad look’.  We have more than our share of ‘bad looks’ in today’s world without adding more to it.

I have always had high respect for gun owners, hunters, sportsmen/women and target shooters.  I had always believed in their love of the outdoors and the stewardship they lived by.  Times are changing and I’d like to bring that back.

So, if you want to shine a good light on gun owners and represent our kind respect for the great outdoors, attend a cleanup event.  Better yet, just go out and do one on your own.  Let the forest agency know you did it (they rarely hear from shooters that we cleaned up a shooting site).  And don’t be afraid to tell others!

That’s my mini-rant for the day.  Enjoy the story!


Here’s the Pick Up The Burn story:  (follow each picture in their order)

Company’s coming!

Lets make them feel welcome!