The Trash No Land Event Trailer!


Fresh off the assembly line from down in Independence, OR, The Trash No Land Event Trailer! Just picked it up today. I love it!

It’s a 2023 Cargo Mate 6×12 with a 4″ lift, 6 1/2 feet ceiling height, Battery & interior lights, extra windows, stabilizer jacks, spare tire, tongue lock, and an RV style side entry door. The back doors are Barn door style because a ramp takes up space behind the trailer and we often need that space for parking other vehicles at some of these events. We don’t have rolling items to load/unload either.

I bought it from Rivers West Trailers, Woodland. I had shopped all the Portland Metro places and they seemed to have a really good price. My sales guy, Clint, was great to work with, as well as, the owner and his son (pictured below).

How did we do it? A private nonprofit Foundation gifted us with a grant for $10,000 designated for the purchase of an enclosed cargo trailer. The base trailer cost $5095 and I added the options for a total of $6884 with tax and title fees. In 2020. that Foundation gifted us with $10k for General Funds, in 2021 they gave us $25K for General Funds & video equipment, and at the end of ’22 they did this. I ordered the trailer in mid Dec and just got it today. We can’t count on their gifts every year, as they donate to many organization and say they don’t always give to the same ones each year. But wow! What a blessing it has been!

Here’s the plan… From the side door, I build a partition wall that separates the front 3 feet from the back. When you enter the through the side door, you enter into a bathroom! Yes, a mobile restroom! Complete with RV holding tanks and running water to the sink and toilet (sorry, cold water only!). The back is planned for shelving to hold all the standard stuff needed for the events. The restroom is because the ladies and children don’t have a place to ‘GO’ like guys do. We just used the trees and dig a hole. But our lady volunteer friends deserve better than that. I’ll make it a nice restroom!

So now the fun begins! Get the divider wall in place and set up the cargo area shelving, get the signs on, load it up and get this thing ready to roll. The restroom will happen over time, but not a priority yet (many cleanups on schedule, so I won’t have a lot of time to stay on it).

Needless to say, I am very grateful for the support from this Foundation!

Updates to come as the build progresses.