The Trash No Land ‘Event Trailer’ is now completed and ready to roll!

The vision has materialized thanks to our sponsor, a private foundation from Vancouver, WA (whom requested not to reveal their name).  They graciously gifted us with a grant to purchase and organize a trailer which helps us be as effective as we can in our mission to save recreational target shooting on public lands.  What a blessing it is!!!

The pics tell the story of it’s progress…

With the cargo space set up, it was time to work on the front part.  Yes, that sign on the door say’s ‘Restroom’!

We are often deep in the woods with no restroom facilities nearby.  Thus, the need for such a facility.  But why not make it something a little nicer than a typical ‘Port-a-Potty’!

It’s no big deal for the guys to simply find a tree or dig a hole, but for the Ladies and Children who attend our events, a quality restroom is a great way to show our appreciation!

We wanted an RV style restroom with a wildlife theme that is comfortable, convenient and pleasant.  It includes a fresh water supply tank, a black water waist tank, water pump, exhaust fan, general lighting and vanity lights.

The final product?  Welcome to the wildlife restroom!

You may notice the pictures on the walls are of game animals found on public lands in the Northwest.  The Antelope and Elk are photos from the famed photographer “Larry Turner”.  The other 4 photos, Blacktail deer, Pheasant, Mallard duck & Wood duck, are from Patena Photography Robert & Sue Patena.

This is all done to enhance our efforts to improve and save our places to practice the skills of recreational target shooting on public land.  We hope this enhancement encourages people to attend our events and experience the value of Stewardship on our public lands!

“Stewardship Keeps It Open”!!!