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It’s time once again for the annual

Mary’s Peak Cleanup Event!

Come celebrate National Public Lands Day a week early!

Hosted by;

Benton County Sheriff’s Dept,   BLM,   USFS   and   Trash No Land.

Location: On Mary’s Peak Road at the rock quarry at mile post four.

Google Maps:

GPS:  44°28’47.3″N 123°32’21.1″W

Volunteers welcomed, needed and treated like rock stars with coffee and treats in the morning, a BBQ lunch and free raffle prizes in the afternoon!  Come out and spend some time helping to cleanup the Mary’s Peak rock quarry where people have been target shooting for years.  Help us improve the quality of recreation at Mary’s Peak!

Details: 8:30 AM Sign-in, coffee, donuts & snacks.  9 AM Safety briefing and discussion about current recreation activities, fire prevention measures and safety in recreation. 1 PM a free BBQ lunch and lots of raffle prizes to win!

Bring: A potluck salad or side dish, outdoor clothing, boots, gloves, rakes, magnet & manual pickers and A Stewards Heart!

After the event, enjoy recreation as you wish in the beautiful Mary’s Peak area!

All are welcome! Recommend children be of age 12 or older and with adult supervision, as there may be hazardous materials and sharp objects.

Firearm Policy: Handling or use of a firearm during event hours is not allowed at our events and is not an official part of our events. You may recreate as you wish after the event concludes.

Facebook Event page:

Questions?  Email Bill Cogley, Trash No Land, President, at

—————————–Follow Up——————————–

The volunteer spirit was alive and well as 35 people celebrated National Public Lands Day at the annual Mary’s Peak Cleanup in Benton County, Oregon!

For many volunteers, this was their 2nd to 4th return to this cleanup.  Each year the trash is less than the year before!

This is a good place for target practice.  It’s location and natural safety features provide the opportunity to shoot legally and safely.  Let’s not ruin it with trash and rogue behavior!

Special kudos and thank you to the Benton County Sheriff’s Department for initiating this annual event and providing a great barbeque lunch!

Thank you to all our supporting businesses for their donations to prizes and treats.  The volunteers really appreciated it!

After the main cleanup, a 2nd cleanup happened out by Alsea Falls. This wasn’t target trash this was just out right illegal dumping. BCSO, BLM and a couple of our volunteers hauled out a whole flatbed trucks worth of household trash and tires!

Every person in these photos played an important part in making this day a success and a lot of fun.  Each one asks that you keep it clean by packing out what you brought in.  No one here wants to have to do this again next year!

9-21-19 MP 2

9-21-19 MP 3

9-21-19 MP 4

9-21-19 MP 5

9-21-19 MP 5

9-21-19 MP 6

9-21-19 MP 7

9-21-19 MP 8

9-21-19 MP 9

9-21-19 MP 10

9-21-19 MP 11

9-21-19 MP 12

9-21-19 MP 12

9-21-19 MP 14

9-21-19 MP 15

9-21-19 MP 16

9-21-19 MP 17

9-21-19 MP 18

9-21-19 MP 19

9-21-19 MP 20

9-21-19 MP 21

9-21-19 MP 22

9-21-19 MP 23

9-21-19 MP 24

9-21-19 MP 25

 9-21-19 MP 26

9-21-19 MP 27

9-21-19 MP 28

9-21-19 MP 29

9-21-19 MP 30

9-21-19 MP 31

9-21-19 MP 32

9-21-19 2nd Cleanup 1

9-21-19 2nd Cleanup 2

9-21-19 2nd Cleanup 3

9-21-19 2nd Cleanup 4

9-21-19 MP 33

9-21-19 MP 34

Thank you ALL!!!

Stewardship Keeps It Open!