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Sat 4-27-19, 8 AM – 2 PM

Meeting Place:  At Jones Creek ORV Trail Head parking lot on the L-1610 road.

Google Maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/bdoqtFa7Xe42

GPS:   45.666957, -122.310795

Please join us as we invest a few short hours improving the quality of recreation in the Burn.  A multi-group all-community event!  With your help, we will be cleaning up the whole Larch Mnt recreational area and beyond!  This is the 16th annual Pick Up The Burn event.

Lunch provided, Free prizes, Good deeds and Great People!

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Hosted by Washington Dept. of Natural Resources.

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Bring gloves, boots, rake, pickup tools, magnet tool, bucket and a stewards heart!  WA DNR will provided: trash bags & disposal!

Family Friendly. Recommend children 12 or older and with parent supervision.

This event qualifies for hours credited toward your free annual Discover Pass, from WA DNR.  (Earn 24 hours of volunteer time with DNR and receive a free annual Discover Pass).  Pass requirement is waived for the day of this event only.

Firearm Policy: Handling or use of a firearm during event hours is not allowed at our events and is not an official part of our events. You may recreate as you wish after the event concludes.

We’re spiffing up our favorite forest to enhance the recreational experience for all who visit the Yacolt Burn.  Hiking trails, Mtn Bike trails, ORV trails, Target Shooting sites, Dirt Bike trails, Roadways & more!  Come join the fun!!!

Groups supporting this event:

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Dumpster and Tire Disposal provided by:

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WA DNR Event Calendar:  https://www.dnr.wa.gov/event/jones-creek-orv-trail-work-party-september-29

—————————–Follow Up——————————–

Despite a cold/wet start, on/off sun/rain/fog/warm/cold/wind, over 50 volunteers, from all forms of recreation interests, came to share their team spirit and take part in a wonderful thing. Pick Up The Burn in Yacolt State Forest!

Groups dispersed throughout the Larch Mntn area and cleaned it up real well! Then we all met back at the Jones Creek Trailhead for a really nice (well deserved) BBQ lunch, cooked by the new DNR Recreation Manager Sharon Steriti, and boy it was good! Prizes were won by several.

As we closed out and said our goodbye’s, you could feel the satisfaction radiating from the hearts of the volunteers, as all knew we did a good thing together. We were a team and we shared a moment of success together!

We all hate cleaning up other peoples trash, but doing it with good people like this really makes it fun! And WE HAD FUN!

Thank you all and we all thank our host, the Pacific Cascade Region of WA DNR!

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