We have the freedom to shoot on public land.  Most land management agencies have information about recreational target shooting posted on their web sites and many public land places allow it.  Be sure to check before going shooting.  Along with that freedom, however, comes responsibility.  Like any other form of recreational activity, all visitors share a basic set of common ethics and etiquette of responsibility for their kind of recreational activity.

Those of us who partake in recreational shooting on public land, have our own set of unique responsibilities as well.  While enjoying your day of recreation, remember, you are representing the shooting community.  (And we all want to see that community represented well).

We all need to grab hold of, cling to, adopt, or claim as our own, a few basic Codes of Conduct.  Add your own unique style, techniques and ethics, but at least get the basics down pat.

  • Firearms safety rules are our Top Priority.
  • Situational awareness is a habit.
  • Keep firearms cased when not on the firing line.
  • We don’t target trees or natural resources.
  • We use large earthen berm backstops.
  • We never use alcohol or drugs while shooting.
  • We remove our trash plus a little more.
  • We teach others by being the example.
  • We support recreation of all kinds.
  • We have pride and respect for our public land.

Enjoy your freedom and help us keep it free!