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Using Suppressors in Public Land Shooting

We support the use of suppressors in public land shooting, as it helps reduce noise and enhances the recreational experience for all who visit our great outdoors.

We will have a special presentation of several suppressor options at this event, presented by Sporting Systems of Vancouver. You won’t want to miss this!


Buck Mark 22

Each volunteer receives a FREE raffle ticket and has a chance to win this Buck Mark 22 with 1000 rounds of ammo! No ticket purchase necessary. Winner must be of legal age to own & possess a handgun firearm. FFL transfer is included.

This awesome free prize is graciously provided by Sporting Systems, Vancouver, WA, who encourage you to come help promote stewardship, sportsmanship and responsibility in public land shooting!


We will be cleaning up outdoor target shooting sites. WA DNR will provide bags, garbage disposal, insurance, a free 1 day Discover Pass parking permits and hours will be applied toward a free annual Discover Pass.

Hunters, Target Shooters, Families & General Public! All are invited! All are welcome!

A BBQ LUNCH is on Trash No Land! Win free prizes!

Location: Yacolt Burn State Forest at Arrowhead Pit on the L1500

Google Maps: GPS: 45.718232, -122.317349

From Hockinson area on NE 182nd Ave, Turn East on NE 139th St. Becomes NE Rawson Rd and then becomes the L1400 Rd. Stay till the intersection of the L1000 Rd in Yacolt Burn State Forest. Slight jog right and then immediate left on the L1500 Rd. Go up about 1 mile to the Arrowhead Pit. Only 1 mile of easy gravel road.

From Orchards: I205 & SR500:

Through Hockinson:

From Camas area:

After Lunch enjoy some great target shooting fun! See & hear, (if you can), suppressors in action!

Bring ear and eye protection and appropriate legal targets.

Bring Gloves, Boots, Jeans, Rake, Shovel, Legal Targets and something with a trigger!

Supporting Partners: Sporting Systems, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s, Butcher Boys Meats

Trash No Land is a Nonprofit Charitable Volunteer organization promoting responsible shooting on all public land.

—————————–Follow Up——————————–


Once upon a time, it was an everyday thing. Stewardship. Parents taught their children and they taught theirs. It was a ‘thing’. It was tradition.

While much of it still remains, and is demonstrated from time to time, the values of Stewardship seem to be fading. Fading into a faint glimpse of what is perceived to be an ‘old school’ way of thinking. It’s a kind of thing that’s still in a box, in a time when we’re told to think outside of said box.

Traditional Stewardship, however, works and works well. It has withstood the test of time and is a proven tradition that builds character, responsibility, ethics, values and sportsmanship. It is the primary solution to the concerns we face in public land recreational shooting. For without Stewardship, we will loose the privilege and will loose tradition.

High praises to those who volunteered and supported Stewardship this Saturday, August 12, 2017 in Yacolt Burn State Forest! Forty volunteers got it done and had a great time doing it!

Sponsors: WA Dept of Natural Resources and Trash No Land.

Supporting vendors: Sporting Systems of Vancouver, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse of Vancouver, Butcher Boys Meats of Vancouver, WinCo Foods, Safeway stores, QFC Quality Food Centers and Pro Caliber of Vancouver. Extra thanks to Jones Creek Trail Riders Association for the use of their ATV trailer!

Participating Volunteers: Northwest Firearms, Vancouver Open Carry, WaGuns, employees from our supporting vendors, Trash No Land members and Facebook followers.

Yes, Stewardship is making a comeback! THANK YOU!

Arrowhead Pit 1

Arrowhead Pit 2

A special video produced by TNL member Rick
Howell. Thank you Rick!

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Arrowhead Pit 4

Arrowhead Pit 6

Arrowhead Pit 7

Arrowhead Pit 8

Arrowhead Pit 9

Arrowhead Pit 10

Arrowhead Pit 11

Arrowhead Pit 12

Arrowhead Pit 13

Arrowhead Pit 14

Arrowhead Pit 15

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Arrowhead Pit 19

Arrowhead Pit 19

Arrowhead Pit 20

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