Target shooters, who went to shoot in the Mt. Hood National Forest at the 36 Pit, were in for an unexpected surprise on Saturday, July 11, 2020.  There, in the parking lot, was a kiosk booth with information about responsible shooting on public lands.  They were given flyers about the rules for shooting on public lands, the Trash No Land ‘Target Shooting On Public Land’ brochure, free paper targets, free ear plugs, trash bags and hot coffee.  There were examples of legal type of targets, target stands and an encouragement to bring fire prevention equipment.

All visitors were so inspired, that they shared in the critical goal of protecting and preserving our public lands and our places to shoot, as they chipped in and bagged up trash from the pit when they returned from their shooting fun.

All said and done, they removed 28 bags of trash!!!  Well done shooters!

The Trash No Land “Target Shooter Info Center” was staffed by the TNL board members who also participated in cleaning up some trash.  Our Treasure, Aaron Piazza, took home 5 bags and will personally pay for disposal as his contribution toward preserving our places to shoot.  Thank you Aaron!  Trash No Land paid for the remaining bags at the landfill in Sandy Oregon, (who also gave us an unexpected discount because of our efforts!).

This information center is a Grass Roots effort to save our places to shoot and show our respect for the public land recreational shooting sports.  It was not a scheduled group event and the forest agency was not involved (they didn’t even know were were doing it!).  Just a few of us recreating in a slightly different way, hoping to cause a positive change in everyday recreational shooting.  The cleanup just happened to happen, by the visitors who came to shoot, because they felt it was an important and a routine thing we all need to do every time we go shooting.  (I suppose it did help that Trash No Land offered to pay for the disposal if they cleaned some up!).

There is still a lot of trash in the 36 Pit!  We are asking for those who go shooting there to please remove what you can and properly dispose of the trash as your contribution to helping improve recreational shooting.  Thank You!!!

Way to go shooters, one and all!  Such nice people we met today. It was our pleasure and everyone’s benefit!