I try not to make New Year’s resolutions because they rarely ever materialize.  But this year, I’m making an exception, (and it’s a little too late to turn back now!).  I’ll explain herein…

Besides the normal annual resolutions of buying more ammo, investing in some new AR500 Steel targets, and fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning a Henry Repeater Lever Action Rifle, I’ve resolved to invest more time into Trash No Land.  I am concerned our message of Responsible Target Shooting on Public Land is not being heard as it should be.  I feel more effort is needed.  Therefore, I’ve set a plan in motion to help make that happen.

Beginning January 1st, 2023, I am cutting back my full time job from five days/week to just three days per week.  This allows me an extra two days each week, along with the weekends, to focus on Trash No Land.  All my efforts for the TNL cause have been volunteer hours and I wish I could do this full time, but bills still need to be paid.  Yes, it is a hit on my income, but I’m close enough to making ends meet with just a part time job.  I consider my work for the cause as a ‘Labor of Love’ for the shooting sports and the great outdoors.

After 11 1/2 years of full time employment with this company, December 30th, 2022 will be my last day of full time employment!  I will remain there in a part time capacity.


So what am I to do with the extra time?


TNL has some programs that have not had the special attention they need, but are key programs to spreading the message of responsible shooting.  I’m bringing those programs back, as much as possible, and am depending on some volunteer help to make them happen.

Those programs are:


The Target Shooter Information Booth.

At least two of us set up a popup kiosk, near a dispersed shooting site in the woods, and handout information to target shooters.  We talk with shooters, while they are out for a day of recreation, and raise awareness of the rules, the do’s & don’ts, hand out free legal paper targets, free ear plugs, and free trash bags.  We offer an incentive if they bring back a full trash bag from a shooting site (and TNL covers the disposal cost).  It’s a Win-Win for all of us!


The free Information class

‘Information for Target Shooting on Public Lands’ is a 1 hr Power Point discussion where we cover the rules, how to find a place to shoot, legal targets, fire prevention and lots more.  We typically hold these classes at sporting goods stores throughout Oregon and Washington.  The class covers everything you need to know about shooting on public lands.


Video Productions

Education & Information subjects that need filming and producing.  Video is a very effective way to reach a lot of people and there is a lot of content that needs to be shown.  TNL has some very nice video equipment just waiting to be put to good use!

Other programs are;

  • Fundraising efforts,
  • Graffiti Removal in the Forest work,
  • Site Improvement Projects,
  • Grant Applications,
  • Collaborating with forest officials and recreation groups in various forests throughout Oregon & Washington.

These are all strategic programs that are directly aligned with our mission, yet due to time restraints of my other full time job, these programs haven’t happened as often as they should.  I feel we could have a much greater impact if we could implement these programs on a regular and consistent basis.

Here’s the kicker;  All these programs need a little volunteer help!  I can’t do it all by myself, but with a little help, we could really have a big impact and all of us could see an improvement of how our public lands are treated.

If you see a program you can help in, please contact me and we can make it happen in your area.

So, my resolution for 2023, is to put forth more effort into helping save our places to shoot on public lands.  If I get the volunteer help I need in ’23, then perhaps in ’24 I can go full time for TNL and do more!  It all depends on who is willing to help.

I appreciate all those who have stepped up to Stewardship at dispersed shooting places on public lands!  Keep it up and let me know of your efforts.  I relay that to forest officials so they know we have responsible people who care and are making a difference on their own time and dime.

Bill Cogley

CEO/President Trash No Land




Donations appreciated!


“Stewardship Keeps It Open!”