Spreading the word like a virus!!!! “Be responsible when shooting on public lands. Clean up when done. Respect the forest. Support the shooting sports.”

That was our Target Shooter Info Center message today at Mary’s Peak, West of Corvallis, OR. Thank you for the help in the booth today, Steve Williams and TNL Board members Tracy and Craig Yon. We talked everything under the sun about guns. Not a whole lot of shooters today but all we met were very supportive.

One Gent passed by and went shooting without visiting us. He wasn’t sure what we were or what we were doing there. When he came out, he was packing a 40 gallon trash bag full! We called him over and thanked him for doing that on his own, without our prompting him to do so. He just does it every time he goes shooting. I treated him to 100 rounds of 22 ammo as an appreciation for his stewardship. He then turned around and said “Now that I have more ammo, I’m going back to shoot some more!” When he returned, he had another full bag of trash!

We had a great time visiting with the boys who were sporting the classic rifles! So cool!

Lots of classic sports cars and big Harley’s out enjoying our great outdoors! A regular parade!

Nice day all round!

#StewardshipKeepsItOpen, #TrashNoLand, #RespectRecreation!

Mary’s Peak Pit parking lot. You must walk to the pit from here.    
Tracy, Craig and Steve talking American values.
Love those great classics! Thanks guys!
Info, rules, trash bags, ear plugs and free coffee!
Rules copied from the BLM and Siuslaw NF websites.
Poking a little fun at this #Pandamnit times!
Example of legal targets and the value of investing in a reusable target stand!
Reminder about carrying Fire Prevention gear this summer. EVERY TIME YOU GO OUT!!!
2 AR’s Apart!!!