Johnny Gets A Safe
The cry for help can sometimes be unheard, overlooked or even disregarded and thought of as being unimportant.  But to the person who needs the help, it is a real and stressful situation.  Such is the case with Johnny.
A concern arose at Johnny’s home where he realized he needed to secure his firearms.  He knew the need had always been there and had hopes of one day purchasing a gun safe and paying to have it installed.  Recently, home security and safety in his household became an urgent and top priority for him.  Living on a limited budget, buying a quality gun safe was always a little out of reach for him.  He needed some help, so, he asked other gun owners for their advice and direction.
That’s when Bryan Olson, Vice President of Trash No Land, heard of Johnny’s plight.  In the hopes of getting the needed help, Olson posted the need to the social media forum Northwest Firearms.  The members there wasted no time to raise over $700 for a new gun safe for Johnny.  Funds raised were enough to purchase a new safe, a dehumidifier and a small handgun safe.  Other contributions, from members, were several trigger locks.
With the help of several volunteers from Northwest Firearms, the safe was delivered and installed in Johnny’s home, this day March 11th, 2018.
Trash No Land and Northwest Firearms recognizes Johnny as being a dedicated volunteer at cleanup events and has a sincere desire to see public lands be respected and open to all.  Although he may have some restrictions because of his wheel chair, he does not hold back from chipping in and giving an honest days work.  We are honored to help him out in this way.