If you recreate in the Mary’s Peak Oregon area, on BLM land or Siuslaw National Forest, you can thank Craig & Tracy Yon for their diligent stewardship efforts!

Craig and Tracy are all over the Mary’s Peak area cleaning up litter, trash from illegal dumping and trash from target shooting areas. They have been doing this, on their own, for several years. You may see them on any day of the week.

They are well deserving of the Trash No Land “Stewards of Public Land” award.

Tracy Yon, Trash No Land Vice President, Secretary & Board of Directors.

Growing up, I have always been an outdoors person enjoying hiking, fishing and hunting. Recreational target shooting has always been a part of my life also.  I have always recreated on Mary’s Peak and other areas so it has always been part of me to keep it cleaned up. I got involved with Trash No Land because it values keeping the forest clean, open and safe for the public to use.”

Craig Yon, Trash No Land Board of Directors.

I have always been an outdoors person and found myself starting to pick up trash left in the forest because of the amount of closures of local recreation and hunting areas. I still remember my first load of trash that I picked up while hunting. I ran into the local game officer and had to take him back to where I picked it up just to prove that I wasn’t the one dumping it. The concept of someone picking up illegally dumped garbage was a new and novel concept back then. Trash No Land is great because it is trying to educate and get the people not to leave the trash in the first place.

The couple are in constant contact with BLM & USFS officials communicating their findings and volunteer efforts.

Here’s their results of an outing on May 12th,’23…  (Craig writes to BLM)

“Hi all,

Tracy and I did a little cleaning up on Mary’s Peak this morning. Didn’t quite make sunrise but close. We picked up the parking lot and down past the gate at the quarry. The quarry is a little junky. Went down the 3000 line picking up the landings and along the road. The gravel pad wasn’t horrible but spiffed it up. I left 1 metal framed target set up. It was actually nice.

With a half empty trailer we headed over to the abandon homeless camp on the big gravel pad. We bagged up stuff until the trailer was really full and called it quits for the day. As we were told there is a ton of stuff in the trees also. I am thinking about 5 more trailer loads to get the gravel pad clean. More for for the stuff in the trees.

I can haul out the appliances but not sure where to go because of the refrigerant. Does BLM have a spot?

Great weather though.


Thank you Craig & Tracy Yon!  Your stewardship is greatly appreciated!

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