Trash No Land, the Oregon Dept of Forestry and the Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife have partnered up to do some nice improvements to a dispersed shooting location in the Santiam State Forest. It is East of Scotts Mills and NE of the Crooked Finger area. This is a decommissioned gravel quarry that is currently being used for target shooting. It’s location, and physical characteristics are ideal for public safety and fire prevention. It’s a place with few (to no) conflicts with other types of recreation. It will offer about 110 yards. The bowl shaped high sidewalls with dirt bases also offer excellent opportunities for tactical maneuvers exercise or competition training.

The benefits of this improvement are Public Safety, Fire Prevention, Easy to comply with target shooting regs, Attractive place to shoot, Features to accommodate various types of shooting but the primary firing line is a 110 yard shot.

The final details have just been completed and we are currently scheduling materials and excavation contractor. Work is to be completed by end of October.

Trash No Land is paying for the excavation contractor with a grant from the NRA Foundation.
ODF is providing all the 1 1/2″ gravel, Jersey Barriers firing line, Gate at the entrance and transporting the gravel material.
ODFW is providing the primary berm backstop gravel (1/4-#10 Washed) with delivery and transportation of the jersey barriers.

Volunteers are needed!
We would like to provide night security at the pit during construction to keep an eye on the equipment (contractor will not be able to camp there). Besides having a gate with lock and chain, we would like at least 2 people to camp there each night the equipment is there. It should be a little over 1 week.

The actual start date has not been firmed up yet, but will be either the week of 10-18 or 10-25. Isn’t that hunting season and you need a private place to camp?

I plan on taking the first weekend shift but I can only camp on Friday & Saturday nights. I’ll need at least one other person to join me.

Can we muster up a security force to man the pit each night?

Grand Opening Day
I’ll announce the date later, but here’s the plan…
We’ll have an official opening day where we’ll also plant some trees & shrubs along a 120 ft long sidewall berm (this will be a side berm that blocks the view and temptation to shoot out into the forest).
We’ll have a little discussion about the project, show our appreciation to ODF & ODFW, and give the pit a good workout (so bring your favorite recreation tools!).
More about the grand opening later.

This improvement for recreational shooting is for all who wish to partake in free shooting on public lands. While it may be free to shoot 7 days a week, it is not a ‘free-for-all’ or ‘anything goes’ type of place! No dispersed shooting place on pubic land is like that.

It is OUR place to shoot and WE own it. It is imperative that we all share and care for this place, (as well as any other dispersed shooting place in the forest), with volunteer stewardship. We must show ownership in our places to shoot by keeping them clean and shooting within the rules, or else we loose them.

Project contact:  Bill Cogley

Thanks all, enjoy!

Trash No Land