We are building partners of Trash No Land.
Partners are how we get things done and make greater headway toward our goals.
Those goals being;
  • Protecting public land for our current and future generations,
  • Reach shooters and instill the value of our right to shoot on public land,
  • Restore public land shooting as a respectable recreational activity,
  • Reduce trash at shooting sites,
  • Promote Fire Safe shooting lanes on public land,
  • Create a positive image for safe, lawful and responsible gun ownership,
  • All recreational groups will benefit from trash free shooting sites on public land.

    Our partnerships include;  Oregon Department of Forestry, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Oregon Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Law Enforcement agencies, Gun forum organizations, Recreational groups & clubs of all kinds and supporting vendors.
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    Adopt a recreational attitude that reflects Trash No Land!