Bill put out a request for a couple people to help with a small cleanup at a shooting pit in the Yacolt Burn State Forest.  Three volunteers joined him and three hours later… Mission accomplished!


This particular pit is not a good place to shoot.  Too many rocks and not enough earthen berm backstop.  It is situated on a main road into the State Forest and right on a corner.  The potential for ricochet is high and presents a public safety concern with vehicles passing right next to the pit.

Proximity to main roadway and a lack of a good clear earthen dirt backstop makes this pit not a safe place to shoot.


Washington DNR gravel crews are to resume work in this pit this coming week and we felt it’s best to clean it up before the trash gets mixed in with the gravel and spread across the forest roads.  So, on short notice and a shout-out for help, four of us got it done on a rare sunny day in January.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped (Dean, Mat and Bob).

We had also planned on removing an abandoned pickup canopy, however someone else scrapped it out this last week.  Thank you!

Give a shout out for help to clean up your favorite forest.  It’s how we show our appreciation for a healthy forest and quality recreation for all who visit our great public lands.


“Stewardship Keeps It Open!”