The Current State of Recreational Shooting on Public Lands:
  • Trash accumulation at dispersed shooting sites on public lands.  (Lack of stewardship & dumping).
  • Shooters unaware of rules and shooting unlawfully.  (Unsafe conditions & violations of law).
  • Targets being placed on trees, stumps and downed logs.  (Potential fire hazards).
  • Household refuse and appliances being used as targets.  (Wrong choice of targets).
  • Shooting in unsafe locations and directions.  (Public safety issues).
Proposed by Trash No Land and our supporters:
  • Cleanups.  Official and unofficial.  Promote continuous encouragement for ongoing stewardship efforts.
  • Education.  Promote knowledge of rules via word of mouth, social media, publications, classes & events.
  • Awareness.  Inform of issues, conditions, consequences and improvements.
  • Liaison.  Close communication with forest officials to address and improve conditions on behalf of the recreational shooting community.
  • Improvements.  Develop desirable dispersed shooting lanes incorporating fire prevention, public and personal safety, meets rules requirements and ease of cleaning while being environmentally responsible.
  • Maintenance.  Routine repair and upkeep of improved shooting sites and signage.
Trash No Land’s vision for recreational shooting:
  • A cleaner forest.
  • Wide spread knowledge of rules.
  • Adherence to rules.
  • Proper target placement.
  • Proper target selection.
  • Quality dispersed shooting sites.
  • Assistance to forest officials.
  • Improved relations with other recreational activity.
  • No wild fires caused by target shooting.
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