Finally some nice weekend weather in the Portland Metro area!  Sure felt like shooting weather to me!  Did you get out for a little target fun?

I had an itchy trigger finger all weekend and a bummed attitude because I knew I couldn’t go.  Too many items on the ‘Honey Do’ list to do around the house.  Piddly little things like patch the hole in the roof, clean out the gutters, rake up all the limbs that blew down, wash the car, wash the dog, wash myself… you know, the kind of stuff that could have waited till NEXT WEEKEND!

On the other hand, the Sportsman’s show would have been a good choice.  I saw a few pics of it and read a few comments about it.  Sure wanted to go.  Next year we should be able to do a booth at the show and spread the message of Trash No Land.  Will be fun!

I am anxious, however, to get up in the forest to see the condition of the shooting sites.  I need a full day to visit the shooting lanes in Tillamook and Mt Hood Wild Cat area.  At least a half day up on the Yacolt Burn.  I really want to go tour Tahuya State Forest, outside of Olympia.

Wanting to get the ball rolling on some cleanups and meet-n-greet shooting fun.  For now, it’s a bit of organizational stuff like planning and admin work.  Should be able to create an event or two this spring.

Hope it was a good weekend all!  Be safe, Have fun!