I am aware of 3 small cleanup efforts that happened this weekend. I was part of one in Central Oregon, Trash No Land Board member Gary Jacka demonstrated stewardship to his boys in SW Washington, and board members Craig & Tracy Yon had a great experience on BLM land near the Santiam State Forest, Oregon.


Shellburg Falls, BLM land in Oregon

A target shooting couple set out to visit and clean up the Shellburg Falls area, by Mehama OR, on Saturday Aug 8, 2020 and were joined by a Bow Shooter and some Jeepers who made an unexpected turn around! Here’s the story from Trash No Land board members Craig and Tracy Yon of Albany, OR…

“We spent most of the morning in the Shellburg Falls area out by Mehama cleaning up shooting areas. Mainly BLM land that borders the Santiam State Forest.

  It was a great morning in the woods. Some wildlife, people practicing archery, a couple Jeeps 4wheeling along with some mountain bikers.

Picked up the first landing, which by some standards wasn’t horrible. 2nd landing was a lot worse. The gentleman practicing with his bow stopped to help. Filled a few big bags. Great guy.

About that time the Jeep people came by and asked if we had seen the lower road. We said that we were warned about a transient camp and avoid it. He said they were gone but there was about 15 big trash bags left. We said we would head done there next.

For a few minutes I thought they took off after they told us about it. But they showed up and helped load everything. Talked with them a bit about Trash No Land and other subjects. Really would like to commend them for coming back. They were leaving but came back to help because he really liked what we were doing and thought it was neat pulling the trailer. He said he is going to start doing the same in places.

 With the cleaning done and trailer full we decided to find the falls which we failed to do the first time. Got lucky and the gate was open. 2.5 miles down a logging road and a 1/2 mile hike and we found the falls. 

Also want to Thank the Bureau of Land management for being able to dump in their dumpsters at a campground and the 2 big boxes of trash bags.”

Craig and Tracy had pre-arranged with BLM to use the dumpsters at the campground, which the BLM had previously extended the invitation to them. Thank you BLM Oregon! And thank you, Craig & Tracy, the Bow shooter and the Jeepers!



Father teaches sons about stewardship.

This weekend, in the Yacolt Burn State Forest, WA, a Trash No Land Board member did this…

“I took some family shooting up in the Burn this morning. Picked up a few bags of junk when we were done. Was a pretty busy day up there. Also had the new forest warden drop by making sure we were legal.”

Sorry, no pics on this one. Just another report of a shooter stepping up to demonstrate stewardship and teach his kids about being responsible in our great outdoors.

Thank you Gary Jacka of Vancouver, WA! Good to hear of you teaching the next generation how to be responsible! Nice work!


Central Oregon, Deschutes National Forest.

Half way between Bend and La Pine was the scene of another Random Act Of Cleanup this weekend, by five guys on a mission!  Here’s the story, written by Yours Truly:

“We cleaned up 2 target shooting sites in the forest.

It’s surprising how much of a difference a few people can make in just a couple of hours. We spent a casual 2 hours and got a full pickup bed from two sites. During that time, we made new friends, contacts and lasting memories.

With such a little effort and cost, we had a lot of fun, as you’ll see in the pics.”

“If we had divided up the cost of disposal, it would have only cost $ 2.80 each! At that rate, and all the other benefits of a Random Act of Cleanup, why not do this more often? A lot more often!!!”


Show your stewardship efforts!

Send me pics and a story of your Random Act Of Cleanup!  I would love to share them as encouragement to others to do the same in their favorite public lands.  I also let the forest agency know about individuals cleaning up shooting sites.

Be safe, have fun and Trash No Land!

Bill Cogley

CEO/President Trash No Land