Here’s a followup on the out-of-place boulder, that was blocking parking at a shooting site and providing access for unauthorized trails, I posted about on March 20th (on TNL’s Facebook page). I went back last Friday and tried to move it!

I tried my idea of a land anchor to winch from… Take a look and see how it worked.

Side note…. WA DNR had no idea I was there and did this. I didn’t tell them. I don’t need permission to do stewardship on my own land. But gee, he was surprised when he drove up!

The story is in the video…

Note:  With so much trash on our public lands, we need your help to save and protect our great outdoors. Do Random Acts of Cleanups when ever you visit! Additionally, join a group volunteer event to help!

A clean forest is a happy forest.



Bill Cogley


Trash No Land