Trash No Land is now accepting Volunteers to serve on multiple target shooting committees throughout Oregon and Washington. Choose your favorite forest and join that committee. We need committee Members and Directors. Serve as long as you wish and as often as you can.

Your committee will focus on, and discuss, recreational target shooting in your local public land area. This is a grass roots effort to save, preserve and improve recreational shooting on public lands.

This meeting hall consists of multiple individual teams in multiple forests who are all on the same ‘bigger’ team.  We are all focused on the same goal… “to make a positive difference in public land target shooting”.
We are fed up with the mess and irresponsible shooting that often happens in our forests. We are strapping on our boots to make a difference Northwest wide. We are getting involve, on a local and regional level, with forest agencies to help monitor and care for our great outdoors. And now we have one central meeting place where we can all learn from each other, share information and implement our ideas to cause a positive difference.

The forum is a private forum, owned and operated by Trash No Land (not regulated by any social media giants).  It is not your typical forum you find on the open web.  There are no classifieds or politics and it’s not a place to find secret shooting sites.  It’s a forum focused on a mission.
Please join and be a part of a great thing for our great outdoors and the recreational shooting sports.  Click the link below and you’ll be off to the shooting range!