For a third weekend in a row, we returned to the Yacolt Burn State Forest to wrap up our graffiti removal project on Saturday, May 8th, 2021.  We coated the previously cleaned rocks, at the Arrowhead Pit, with Anti-Graffiti coating and moved over to the L1600 Rd, just East of the Jones Creek Trailhead, where we removed a bit of graffiti there (the L1600 Rd is perhaps the most used road in that area of the Burn).

We’d like to give a shout out to the Miller Paint Company for the nice donation of 5 gallons of the Prosoco Weather Seal Protective Treatments, Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control II.  Having that Anti-Graffiti coating on these routinely tagged rocks will make it much easier to clean off in the future!

Thank you!

Here’s some before and after of the graffiti on the L1600 Road.

More of this story is on the video: Yacolt Burn Graffiti Coat & More.


This project consumed 5 gallons of solvent and 5 gallons of Graffiti Blok (a $665 value!).  Our supply of solvent and anti-graffiti coating is now depleted, yet there is much more work to be done in many forests throughout the Northwest! Please consider a donation to help support our graffiti removal program.

Visit our Graffiti Removal Fund page and click on the donate button!

Thank you!