To shoot here, or not? 

That’s a question that shouldn’t have to be answered with a sign!  But when you are not familiar with the concerns in a certain area, a sign can help you with the answer.

This is the sign has was posted in the Tillamook State Forest at six locations along the North Fork Wolf Creek Road, in October of 2019.  They are places where heightened awareness needs to happen because of public safety and/or fire hazard concerns.  Two, of the six signs, are now missing and needed to be replaced.  In addition, one new location has recently become a concern.  The signs are a joint effort by the Tillamook State Forest and the Trash No Land organization in an attempt to alert shooters to potential hazards.

On Saturday, July 18th, 2020, three Trash No Land followers joined me to replace the missing signs and install one new one.

We started with the new sign at the improved dispersed shooting lanes off North Fork Wolf Creek Rd at Lane 3.  On the corner, across the road from lane 3, is a blocked off area that often serves as a picnic area or sometimes dispersed camping.  Recently, however, people have been shooting targets in that spot.  This is a public safety issue because of what lies beyond the line of fire.  The dirt berm looks adequate in height, however, targets have been found on top and on the small trees behind the berm and there is not a secondary larger backstop.

Beyond the berm, slightly to the left, is Lane 4 and straight behind is private timber land.  Shotguns have been used, off the East edge, which rains down shot over Wolf Creek Rd below.  Also to the East is forest land that often has work activity.

These concerns may not be so obvious to some shooters, so, we posted a sign to let them know.

If you’re going to post a sign, remove all signs of previous shooting!  We couldn’t just drop in a sign and leave the evidence.  It kind of negates the message of the sign!  So, we cleaned it up.

Next two places got their signs replaced and evidence removed.

Then it was back to Lane 3 for the reward!  A nice family, from Hillsboro, were gracious enough to share the lane and we enjoyed their company.

Thank you Gregory Propf, Geoff and Erica Goode for your help and dedication!