Bill Cogley, Pres Trash No Land, has completed a two year volunteer service on the Advisory committee for the Firearms and Archery Range Recreation Program (FARR), with the WA Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). He, and other committee members, reviewed, advised and evaluated various projects seeking RCO funding grants.

Recognizing a need for public facilities, the Legislature created the Firearms and Archery Range Recreation program, which provides funding for places where gun and bow enthusiasts can practice and train safely.

The program’s goal is to assist with the acquisition, development, and renovation of firearm and archery ranges in order to increase access by law enforcement, the public with concealed pistol or hunting licenses, and people enrolled in firearm or hunter safety education classes.

The applications are reviewed by staff and an advisory committee made of experts in archery and shooting disciplines. The advisory committee scores the projects based on criteria established by the board and submits a ranked list to the board for funding consideration.