Improving safety in public land target shooting is not rocket science.  It doesn’t take years of talks, meetings, public comments, analysis and reports, just to have nothing to show for it.  It can be done in one summer.

Allow each state forest region to decide what is best for their region and give them the support to help improve public safety!  Select existing dispersed shooting sites, that fit a certain set of criteria for a safe place to shoot, and modify it to be an attractive, safe and enjoyable place where recreational target practice can easily be done within the existing rules.  It doesn’t have to be a facility with amenities, but it does need to be a place where shooters know they can shoot safely and legally.

Improvements propose to develop a strategy, partner and collaborate with forest agencies, and involve the target shooting community in ownership and stewardship.  The end result is to:

  • Resolve the safety, sanitation, and environmental issues.

  • Reduce the fire potential associated with target shooting.

  • Develop public ownership and involvement in the development and implementation of the strategy.

  • Maintain safe and sustainable opportunities for recreational target shooting on our public lands.

Public safety is an absolute MUST HAVE!  Why the delay?

Here is a recording of the hearing on SB 5865, Jan 27th, 2022.  After a few short sound bites, the full unedited discussion is presented.